CDBG Housing Assistance Application Process

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CDBG Housing Assistance Information    

The Community Action Partnership of North Alabama is taking applications for the Alabama CDBG Housing Assistance Program for eligible residents that lived in the following counties at the time of the April 2011 Tornado Outbreak.

Colbert, Cullman, Franklin, Lawrence, Limestone, Marion and Walker Countywebimage cdbg application

To be eligible, an applicant must be able to prove that; they own their home; their primary residence or housing unit was damaged by the April 2011 tornadoes; they have not received reimbursement from other sources to cover the full amount of damages sustained by their home.

The eligible applicant must also provide documentation that the structure for which housing assistance is being requested was damaged by the tornadoes or storm-related event which occurred during April 2011

In addition to proving ownership, applicants must document that the address of the structure for which assistance is being sought was their primary residence during the tornadoes of April 2011.


Procedure for applying for CDBG Housing Assistance through the Community Action Partnership of North Alabama

Call toll free (855) 469-3267 and select the county where the disaster impacted residence is located and follow the prompts. If a case manager is not available to take your call, a message will instruct you to leave your name and the best phone number to reach you for a callback from a case manager. Applications will be accepted through October 31, 1012.

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Other important information

If the dwelling is located within a designated flood zone, the applicant must provide flood insurance on the dwelling pursuant to the provision of housing assistance.

All eligible applicants must meet applicable Section 8 Housing Assistance Income Limits as established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. All applicants must provide sufficient documentation of total combined household income from all persons residing in the household; from any source earned or received; for the previous twelve months.

CDBG Housing Assistance is based on damage to a home’s structure and funds are not to be used to replace contents.

Our staff will assist residents seeking assistance in completing an application for assistance. After the application is completed, an assessment of applicant’s eligibility based on income, homeownership, location, and unmet housing need based on information provided in the application will be used to determine if the applicant is eligible.

Each eligible application will be scored and ranked based on a program-defined point system (see table below) which gives special consideration to households with very low, low and moderate incomes and those with residents who are elderly, disabled, and/or have dependent children.

Once the application is processed and ranked, the application will be presented to a Housing Committee for review and eligibility verification. After the Housing Committee approves the application, our staff will forward the application to ADECA for final review and selection.

ADECA staff will review each file to determine that information is complete; eligibility criteria have been documented as being met; and the score assigned to the case is accurate. Case files with the highest scores will be sorted further by address for geographic concentrations such as cities, neighborhoods, etc.

Every effort will be made to assist those whose homes were demolished and those in the greatest need; however, programmatic requirements and financial limitations of the program may preclude some applicants from receiving assistance.   If more applications are received than can be completed under the program, all eligible applications will be addressed based on descending score.

Maximum award is up to $25,000.

This CDBG Housing Assistance initiative is intended to be last-resort funding, meaning FEMA Assistance, Insurance settlements and other disaster recovery funds or assistance will be used first with CDBG Assistance filling the remaining unmet need up to $25,000.

Click here to view the CDBG Policy and Procedure for Housing Assistance. 


Scoring Items                                                              Points

Significant damage ($5,000+) to residence                               1

Currently displaced / Living in unsafe conditions                      1

Elderly (65+)                                                                         `    1

Documented disabled (if not elderly)                                         1

Income (based 2012 Section 8 AMI)

Very low (30% or under)                                                            3

Low (50% or under)                                                                   2

Moderate (80% or under)                                                          1

Dependent children 18 or younger                                            1

Repair/replacement of home in same community                     1


 Required Information to be provided by applicant

 The following documentation will be collected on each applicant. 

a.         Application form;

b.         Verification of income for all household members (i.e., tax returns, W-2 forms, payroll stubs, bank statements, etc.);

c.         Proof of ownership (i.e., warranty deed, real estate tax receipts, etc.);

d.         Utility statements (water, power, gas) from damaged property address;

e.         Property insurance policy;

f.          Account numbers and mortgage balances;

g.         FEMA/SBA application numbers;

h.         FEMA/SBA/insurance assessment;

i.          FmHA, FEMA, SBA, private insurance and/or other benefits;                  

j.          Photos of property damage;                

k.         Preliminary damage estimate;

l.          Determination of financial feasibility for repairs/replacement of home;

m.        Other forms and releases as necessary.